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Veritas HHS Operates Baltimore City Office of Child Support Services

Effective March 1, 2018, Veritas HHS assumed responsibility for providing a full range of child support services to Baltimore City, Maryland. Under contract with the Maryland Department of Human Services, Veritas HHS is establishing paternity and support orders, and enforcing and modifying those orders, for 56,000 cases. After a successful transition, Veritas HHS has decentralized services into two neighborhood offices and is linking with workforce and community agencies to provide employment services to non-custodial parents. This is the second-largest single-site full services child support contract in the U.S. 

Veritas HHS Assists South Carolina with Historic Technology Implementation


Veritas HHS has been providing critical project management and change management assistance to South Carolina as it becomes the final state in the U.S. to implement a federally certified child support enforcement system. Veritas HHS is leading the change management component of this effort, preparing court clerks and the child support agency for major re-alignments of their organizational roles and case management processes. Veritas HHS is also providing managers for the system certification process and implementation of the State Disbursement Unit. The new PACSS system has piloted on October 1, 2018 and is scheduled for full deployment by September 30, 2019. 

Veritas HHS Supports National Demonstration Project in Vermont

In a unique role, Veritas HHS has provided the professional staff and expertise for implementation support and evaluation of a national child support demonstration project in Vermont. Veritas HHS assisted in the development and deployment of the first three tests of Behavioral Interventions for Child Support and has led the evaluation for the second and third tests. Vermont is one of eight states participating in these cutting-edge tests of behavioral techniques or "nudges" to improve compliance with the child support program. Vermont has conducted controlled experiments of: 1) a new consent process for establishing and modifying child support orders; 2) reimbursement of parental transportation expenses to encourage participation in consent conferences; and 3) new outreach materials and proactive follow-ups with employers to encourage compliance with income withholding orders. This five-year contract will conclude on September 30, 2019.


Veritas HHS Leads Program to Improve Voluntary Paternity Establishment in 
South Carolina


October 2017, Veritas HHS assumed leadership for South Carolina's voluntary paternity establishment program. Veritas HHS has moved quickly to enhance outreach materials to hospitals, establish effective linkages with hospital birth records staff, and improve performance monitoring and technical assistance for birthing centers. 

Veritas HHS Celebrates Five Years of Child Support Services in Kansas


In September 2018, Veritas HHS marked five years of operating the child support office for Kansas City, Kansas (29th Judicial District - Wyandotte County) while providing paternity and order establishment services, as well as case fiscal services, for Wichita (18th Judicial District - Sedgwick County). These contracts were awarded as integral components to the first statewide outsourcing of child support enforcement services in the U.S. Our Kansas City, Kansas office serves a disadvantaged urban core, but in five years Veritas HHS has made significant improvements in the proportion of cases with orders, collection rate, and total collections while greatly enhancing customer service. Similarly, our Wichita office provides partial services for Kansas' largest jurisdiction and Veritas HHS has made gains in the proportion of cases with orders even while dealing with a large influx of new cases from the food assistance (SNAP) program. 

Veritas HHS Goes Digital in Tennessee Child Support Offices 

In their first two years of operations, Veritas HHS has virtually completed transformation of 21st and 29th Judicial District offices to electronic document management (EDM). Veritas HHS has not only installed imaging and document workflow management technologies, but has almost completed digitizing hard copy files for all active cases. These are by far the smallest child support offices in Tennessee to go digital, but have benefited from our company's use of cost-effective and user-friendly EDM technology. The 21st district is one of the top performing in the State and will become even more effective with this office transformation. The 29th district has gained steady improvement with child support performance metrics under Veritas HHS administration even as it now operates more efficiently with electronic case files and workflow management. 

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