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Program Operations 

With deep program expertise and an unbroken record of success, Veritas HHS brings exceptional value to our child support operations. This includes full-service child support for five jurisdictions in four states, as well as specialized services such as paternity /support order establishment and voluntary paternity programs. Veritas HHS creates high-performing offices built on our unique mission-driven corporate culture. Our staff are guided by creative technology and sophisticated business analytics. Our executive team is committed to delivering excellent program outcomes and responsive customer service. Our executives pay close attention to our local operations and they show up regularly to ensure that staff are motivated and achieving their performance goals.

Operations Consulting 

Veritas HHS draws on a long history of program expertise and understanding of best practices to help managers develop creative solutions to real-life program challenges. Our approach to consulting is uniquely informed by our own deep operational experience. It gives us practical knowledge of what works. It also infuses our recommendations with a practicality and effectiveness that have led to an exceptionally high rate of adoption. 

Our consulting portfolio encompasses management assessments, organizational analyses, and business process reengineering studies in multiple states and across a range of health and human services programs. We also have a special interest in helping states implement and evaluate national demonstration projects for cutting edge innovations such as the test of behavioral interventions in child support currently being conducted in Vermont. 

Business Intelligence 

As health and human services programs become more data-driven, Veritas HHS assists agencies develop systems and tools to help manage resources more effectively. In Arizona and Kansas, we have assisted child support management devise dashboards and tailored reports that they have deployed to guide their programs and improve performance. We have also advised on optimizing new analytical resources such as data warehouses and analytical software. We provide practical help on using data to manage operations, whether through sophisticated methods such as predictive analytics or simple caseworker tools. 

Technology Planning and Change Management 

Veritas HHS executives and staff bring a unique perspective to technology planning and change management derived from experience as: 1) users of legacy systems through outsourced operations in more than a dozen states; 2) leaders of a successful large-scale and unusually compressed system development and implementation in Michigan; 3) developers of low-cost, innovative technologies in public agencies and privately-run operations; and 4) leaders of change management, State Disbursement Unit implementation, and system certification for South Carolina. This experience gives us unique insights into planning new statewide systems, incremental modernization, and inexpensive high impact technology improvements. Our deep program knowledge and extensive experience in implementing program changes also enables us to help agencies manage major programmatic and technology transformations with minimal disruption and the shortest path to program improvement. 

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