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Program Operations
With deep program expertise and a commitment to continuous improvement, Veritas HHS brings exceptional value to program operations for health and human services agencies. Our insights and strong partnerships with clients help create high performance child support offices. Our progressive, problem-solving skills carry over to the effective operation of specialized child support functions such as voluntary paternity acknowledgment, bank account matching, and bank account liens and levies. We bring the same collaborative approach and strong program expertise to contracted services for the Affordable Care Act, Children’s Health Insurance Programs, and Medicaid.
We draw on a long history of innovation, deep operational experience, and national knowledge of best practices to help managers develop creative solutions to real-life program challenges. Veritas HHS staff has conducted management assessments and business project reengineering studies in many states that led to performance enhancements for child support programs. With our unique perspective on Affordable Care Act eligibility processing challenges, Veritas HHS staff has also assisted states in understanding implementation issues and establishing streamlined processing centers for access to affordable health care.
Medicaid Asset Verification
Veritas HHS has the tools and relationships in place to offer human service and Medicaid agencies a unique and cost-effective solution to the requirements for verifying applicant/recipient bank account information. This can improve program integrity and significantly expedite application processing for aged, blind, and disabled Medicaid recipients. Our asset verification capabilities can be extended to other public programs as well.